Monday, August 30, 2010

Back, but overwhelmed, so not much blogging going on

I think my title says it all. Yes I am back. I've been back for about 2 weeks now, but did I tell you that I moved while I was gone.

Technically my awesome husband, wonderful 14 year old, sisters, and lots of great friends moved me while I was gone. So when I came home 2 weeks ago it was to a new house, with lots of boxes to unpack and a house to organize.

On top of that I've got lots of kids to manage and things to do, like go to the DMV (shudder), we've had appointments, practices, and just life in general to get back into the swing of things and oh yeah, I'm seven months pregnant.

So I do really want to blog, but then I see my boxes and I just can't sit at the computer when I should be doing something more productive.

I'm just tired and overwhelmed.