Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hunter turns 9!

Hunter had a GREAT birthday!  He got breakfast in bed, brought cupcakes to school and had some friends over for a party.  He got some new clothes, Skylanders (video game and "guys"), some money and giftcards and his favorite is getting my old phone.  Its an iphone 3g and doesn't have phone service so its really an ipod touch.  He LOVES it!

Hunter is a great big brother and a very good helper.  Sometimes he tries to be the parent with his siblings, but he really does just try to be helpful.  He is playing the piano really well and will be starting baseball again as soon as its warm!  He has a great smile and is fun to play games with.  He is so smart and loves to read.  He tries his best and works hard at school.  He really enjoys cub scouts and doing things that are active.  He has been reading his scriptures and saving money for his mission.  We just love this guy!  Happy Birthday Hunter!

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